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Welcome to the Milwaukee Country Zoo Media Room. On a deadline and need info about our animals or facilities? How about a photo? Just want to know why flamingoes’ knees bend the wrong way? Just contact us – we’re here to help!

Media Contact

Kimberly Graves, Communications Coordinator
(414) 256-5495

  • In The News

    Looking for the latest news about a new arrival or newborn animal? There’s so much happening! Check out the latest news and announcements from the Milwaukee County Zoo!

  • Zoo Facts

    Did you know that in 1958, the Zoo moved to its present 190-acre location bordered by Highway 45, Bluemound Road, Highway 100, and Interstate 94, opening in 1961? Check out more zoo facts, information about the organization, and some history.

  • Zoo Backgrounder

    The Milwaukee County Zoo was founded over 130 years ago. That’s almost as old as some Galapagos tortoises! Nowadays, we’re a serene home to more than 2,200 mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles, with over 340 species represented. Learn more about our journey by clicking below.

  • Annual Report
    Annual Report 2022

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