Offering Helping Hands to Paws, Fins and Hooves

Conservation is our responsibility and our passion — everywhere and every day.


Sustainability is front and center in our daily operations as we continue to contribute to worldwide animal management and conservation efforts.

Endangered Species

We provide safe and enriching environments for animals classified from Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered, and Extinct in the Wild.

Species Survival Plans​®

Species Survival Plans (SSP) are groups that join scientists and collaborating experts to develop breeding and management plans that help protect the welfare and genetic variation of species in human care.

Collaborative Support

We provide funding and support to many different conservation, research, and collaborative initiatives.

Research Programs

The Milwaukee County Zoo staff participate in wildlife conservation and research projects locally, regionally, and internationally.

For faster entry: Members and pre-ticketed guests, park at West End (enter at 106th St).