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Quick Facts
Native to Tropical forests in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and southern China
Primary Diet Fruit, insects, tree gum, and sap
Adult Weight 15 ounces
Lifespan 10 to 20 years
Status Endangered

Pygmy Slow Loris

Pygmy slow lorises can be easily identified by their extremely-large brown eyes, which help them spot prey in the dark. They are the only venomous primate — glands inside their elbows secrete compounds that mix with their saliva to deliver a toxic bite to rivals and predators. Unfortunately, pygmy slow lorises sold as exotic pets often have teeth removed to prevent venom-induced bites — this often leads to infection, malnutrition, and death. Pygmy slow lorises are also one of the few primate species that slip into torpor (an abbreviated type of hibernation).


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