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Quick Facts
Native to Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia
Primary Diet Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, bugs, leafeater biscuits, and a variety of greens
Adult Weight 11 ounces
Lifespan 15 years
Status Stable

Prevost’s Squirrel

Prevost’s squirrels play an important ecological role in their forest habitat. They eat an assortment of seasonal fruits and disperse undigested seeds in their waste as they travel through the forest. The seeds sprout away from the parent plant and increase the survival of fruiting plant species.

Like all rodents, their teeth never stop growing! These squirrels must constantly eat and chew to keep their teeth short. They have two kinds of teeth: incisors and premolars. Incisors in the top and bottom jaws crack open seeds and bird eggs. Premolars chew food into tiny pieces for their stomachs to digest.


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