Say Hello to the Zoo’s New Calves

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April 18, 2023


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Milwaukee County Zoo guests aren’t the only ones embracing warmer seasonal temps. Three new calves can now be spotted enjoying the sunshine outside the Cow barn in the Northwestern Mutual Family Farm.


  • Jersey breed
  • Born Oct. 17, 2022
  • First offspring for mom Miley
  • Color is brownish-tan
  • Did you know? Jersey cow milk has the highest butterfat content of all dairy cow breeds. Cheese, ice cream, etc. from Jerseys naturally has a creamier, richer flavor.





  • Brown Swiss breed
  • Born Jan. 17
  • First offspring for mom Callie
  • Color is currently light gray — brown Swiss are born lighter in color and darken with age.
  • Did you know? The brown Swiss is considered one of the oldest known breeds of cow, originating in the Swiss Alps around 4000 B.C.






  • Holstein breed
  • Born March 10
  • Mom is Betsy
  • Color is black and white
  • Did you know? Holsteins are one of the most easily recognizable breeds of cow. They’re the most popular dairy breed in the world — Holsteins produce most of the milk consumed by people.



Calf Harper isn’t weaned yet, so you likely won’t see her outside much until late May, when all three calves will be out together.

Bailey and Brandy, being young and energetic, can be quite entertaining to watch. The animal care team shares that both are very engaged and interested in receiving scratches from their zookeepers.

Stop by the Farm to check out these delightful calves and watch them grow!

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