Gorilla Trek VR Experience

Posted Date

December 22, 2023


In The News

Opening last year, the Milwaukee County Zoo was the first zoo in the country to unveil this Experience – a 360-degree live-action virtual reality documentary film with motion platform seating, to present an unprecedented look at mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

Last summer, Zoo guests who participated in the Gorilla Trek Experience shared their reactions with Zoo staff after exiting the VR Theater:

  • “It was SO COOL. I felt like I was there. I wanted to reach out and touch the mammals!”
  • “The virtual reality gorilla exhibit was AMAZING. It was really cool to get really close and personal with these animals that I probably will never interact with. So, it was awesome.”
  • “My favorite part was where that little gorilla walks up, reaches out, and it’s almost like it’s touching your face. And I thought that was really cool.”
  • “I’d give it a big thumbs-up!”


The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is dedicated to the conservation, protection, and study of gorillas and their African habitats, and Dr. Stoinski and the Fossey Fund team work tirelessly to protect the gorillas of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Fossey Fund’s integrated approach to conservation includes close collaboration with local governments and communities as well as with partners from around the world.

Located in the Otto Borchert Family Special Exhibits Building behind Macaque Island, operating Wednesday through Sunday. The price is $6 after regular Zoo admission, with a $1 discount for Zoo Pass members. Tickets can be purchased on-site or in advance here.