Southern Ground Hornbill

In their small social groups, dominant males typically earn the rights to most breeding, but all members of the group cooperate to raise the offspring. Female chicks leave the group after about two years, while the young males remain for about 10 years.

Cinereous Vulture

Can stand up to three feet tall and have a wingspan measuring up to 10 feet across. Their massive beak is well-suited for feeding on tough material, such as sinew, dry skin, and muscle.

West African Black Crowned Crane

West African crowned cranes are locally regarded as an omen of rain because the birds migrate to temporary wetlands to breed as the rainy season begins. Both parents construct the nest in thick vegetation to hide the eggs and chicks from threats.

Thomson’s Gazelle

Gazelles are extremely alert to sounds and movements, relying on visual awareness of one another to stay in contact. Their strong sense of hearing, sight, and smell balance its vulnerability and small size on the open plains.

American White Pelican

American white pelicans are some of the heaviest flying birds in the world. They rely on their large wings to soar great distances in large flocks. American white pelicans feed from the surface of the water, often hunting fish communally by circling their prey before plunging and scooping fish out of the water. They spend […]

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